Meet Charlie

Charlie was born in Asheville, North Carolina and has lived in Nashville for five years. Like so many of us that call this city home, music and the love there of brought him here. He has worked as a professional guitarist in Nashville for the last five years and still regularly works with artists and songwriters in the area, both on the road and in the studio.

Having worked on the business side of the music industry, Charlie developed a love and respect for not just Nashville as it is today, but also as it was and the wonderful history that brought the city to where it is today. This love led him to the real estate industry in Nashville, where he aims to share his love of the city and the many diverse areas that make Nashville a wonderful place to come home.

While real estate is his most recent passion, Charlie has worked in many other capacities. He began his music career while working as a Licensing Executive for ASCAP and continued to grow his presence in the music industry while working for Antique Archaeology located at Historic Marathon Village in Germantown. All these experiences have led him to an exciting new career representing folks looking for their first or next Nashville home.

When not working or traveling you may find Charlie walking his 4 year old dog Zelda in East Nashville or spending time with his fiancee Kathryn and their little girl Olivia. Charlie has a deep love of history and the stories that bring us all together to call Nashville home.