Daniel Spohn


Meet Daniel

After spending 7 years in New York’s fast lane in what we’ll call ‘cozy’ Manhattan apartments, Daniel set his sights on Nashville—a city with a different rhythm and more space to stretch his ambition and further his acting career. After moving through several rental homes, apartments, and condos in the area, Daniel married his roommate and best friend. They signed the papers for their first Nashville home from a public library in Jamaica while they were on their honeymoon!

“We knew we had to sign right away, or we’d lose the house we’d both fallen in love with,” says his wife, Diana.

It was doing things the necessary, but not-so-easy way, that made Daniel realize that first-time home-owners and new Nashville home-buyers may benefit from a little extra help.

“We learned so much about what to do, and even more about what not to do” says Daniel.

After a few months, Daniel emerged with his real-estate license and has recently joined our team at MW Real Estate Co., excited to share his knowledge and passion while helping clients find their dream homes—homes perfect for the stages of life they find themselves in.