Meet Liz

Liz Earle is at your service. A South Carolina native, and true southerner, she moved to Nashville with hopes of finding vibrant community and creative work in a relatively larger city than where she grew up.

Liz experienced first-hand the excitement of a rapidly growing city like Nashville while earning her B.A. in journalism from the College of Charleston. With a knack for seeing potential in soon-to-be-hot markets, she left the Palmetto State for Music City.

She became interested in real estate when she and her boyfriend found their first home in the South Inglewood neighborhood of East Nashville. The buyer’s process, and the care their realtor invested in it, sparked her curiosity and prompted her own journey into the industry.

Liz has a talent for visuals, client relations, and managing small businesses. An entrepreneur at her core, she created her own side hustle where she designs and makes clothing and accessories.

Liz is resourceful, creative, and passionate about helping others. She finds the good in all things, and loves a challenge. She is excited to start this new chapter at MW and would love to assist you in your home buying and selling endeavors.