Meet Sherein

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Sherein knew from a young age that she wanted to travel and see different countries and experience different cultures. In her twenties she had the opportunity to travel, and spent years backpacking around South East Asia, South America, and Australia. She settled in the Pacific Fiji Islands for a few years, before moving to New York City in 2005. She was a manager and bartender at a Manhattan bar and nightclub and moved to Nashville with her partner Colin in 2013.

A full decade later, they are married and call East Nashville home, with two amazing and rambunctious children. They started a business together in property management, which led them to buying and restoring old houses. With an eye for detail, Sherein became the lead designer of layouts and floor plans in their highly sought-after restoration projects. She is passionate about the character and architecture of the homes in Nashville and loves “a good diamond in the rough”. After years of working hand in hand with multiple talented real estate agents, the next logical step was to join the MW team.