Meet Chris

Buying a house is more than investing in a home … it’s investing in a community.

For more than a decade, Nashville is the community I’ve invested in. When my husband and I moved here in 2005, we knew no one, had no place to live and no jobs. Who knows what our parents thought! But we were young and filled with ambition and dreams. Newly married and chasing my husband’s music career, Nashville was a natural choice. And we were quickly charmed by it’s small town feel. We didn’t waste any time and bought a home in East Nashville – an “up-and-coming” neighborhood – and we haven’t left since.

I’ve worn many hats since we’ve lived here. Professional marketer, blogger, PTO president, church deacon, rental properties owner, serial volunteer, community creator, but most notably I’m a wife (of 15 years!) to a touring musician and mother of two. An integral part of surviving tour-life and mom-hood has been the communities I’ve found (and at times, created) in Nashville. I’ve quickly learned that owning a home in a neighborhood is more than an investment in a property. It’s an investment and a commitment to a community – one that I constantly seek to enrich.

But what is community if you don’t share it with others? I’m a natural-born helper – I can give you all the examples, but just trust me on this. And I love to connect people. With those qualities and a genuine interest in real estate, being an agent became my next hat to wear. Call me an idealist, but I just want to help others foster their own community.