East Nashville

Our hometown! MW Real Estate has made East Nashville its home in every sense of the word. 
Long considered “the other side of the tracks,” 
East Nashville has come into its own.

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Nashville’s first neighborhood is now a bustling mecca of all things enjoyable. Germantown has seen a resurgence in the past 3 years with the completion of First Tennessee Park – home to the Nashville Sounds!

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The Nations

Once called Historic West Town, The Nations boasts one of Nashville’s best grid patterns. With streets named after all 50 states, getting around is simple.

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The Gulch

The Gulch is condo living defined. With buildings like Twelve-Twelve, The Icon, Terrazzo and many more, the Gulch is home to some of Nashville’s highest prices (per foot) and highest views (by far).

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12 South

This place was Hip before Hip knew what Hip was! 12 South is filled with amazing examples of craftsman cottages, bungalows, and four squares.

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Hillsboro Village

Who doesn’t love pancakes? That’s right, no one! That’s exactly how many people don’t love Hillsboro Village. Home to the famous Pancake Pantry, this small/mighty neighborhood has stood the test of time.

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Green Hills

Your parents might have lived here once, but guess what? It’s not that old fuddy-duddy of a spot anymore!

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Belle Meade

Al Gore once called this incredible neighborhood home. Residence to the who’s who of Nashville’s elite, Belle Meade stands as a shrine to the great estates of this country.

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