Meet Jenny

Jenny is a Nashville native. She is a lover of the old Nashville, the new Nashville, and everything in between. “I love the history of Nashville and the memories of growing up here. I also love the energy, the vibe, and the endless list of things to do in today’s Nashville. Lend me your ear and I will share stories of riding the trolley downtown as a kid but also all about the must-not-miss new restaurants and entertainment.”

Having six years of experience in real estate, Jenny works with clients across the Greater Nashville area. When working with any client, she refers back to her simple philosophy on life, “You only have one shot at this experience, you better make the most of it.” To her, a home is part of the space, places, and people that contribute to your best life. Your home offers a space and place to make memories and to also reach new goals. Jenny loves working with her clients because she is supporting them in meeting their life goals.

Jenny’s has worked in numerous capacities beyond representing buyers and sellers. Jenny has also worked as an investor as well as a builder. Jenny is passionate about architecture and design. She loves restoration, textures, functional spaces, and a hint of personality. It is possible that most of the pictures in her camera are either of her dog, Riley Tucker Wilson, or architecture that caught her eye.

Jenny moved from Inglewood to Germantown almost six years ago. In her free time, you can find her and Riley Tucker Wilson walking the streets of Germantown, talking nerdy about wine, making leather goods, camping, or any other her many other hobbies.