Nathan Weinberg

Co-Founder | Principal Broker

Meet Nathan

Nathan has always been a bit of a nomad. “I was born in St. Paul, MN, then lived in Seattle, Boise, Oakland and the Bay Area, Washington DC and Annapolis. All the moving around created a strong ability to adapt to my environment and connect with people”. Nathan started his professional career in the hospitality industry, working for Ritz Carlton and other luxury brands. At the end of 2008, Nathan’s wife was offered a job transfer to Nashville. He immediately fell in love with the city. “At that time, Nashville was just starting this “It City” transformation. It felt like the start of something big – and that was quite appealing.”

Once settled in Nashville, Nathan felt the urge to switch things up, so he went into real estate. “It was the spring of 2009, and due to the economic recession, so many realtors were leaving the industry. Some people thought I was nuts to get into real estate. But it was the best time to really dig deep, hone my selling skills, and learn from the industry veterans who were sticking it out.”

Fast forward a few years to when Nathan teamed up with his business partner, Steve Mabee. They started as a real estate team and then quickly moved into development, with a specific focus on urban infill. They could see the immediate need for their new business. While focusing on infill development, primarily on the east side of Nashville, Nathan continued working with clients on buying and selling their homes. In 2017, Nathan and Steve launched Greenline Property Management with the opening of their first apartment building, The Volta, in Inglewood. With their focus on infill development, residential sales and now commercial development, Nathan and Steve opened their own brokerage, MW Real Estate Co, with Steve’s brother Davey in May 2017.

Nathan is proud of their businesses, but his number one focus is client relationships. “At the end of the day, working with homeowners is still the most gratifying part of this business.”

Nathan lives in Inglewood with his wife, Jennifer, and their two sons. He has happily hung up his nomad hat.